MV-L Cross Country Faces Challenges with Extreme Weather

By Jorie Randall

Rain and extreme heat are the enemies of the cross country team, canceling one meet and causing heat exhaustion in another. But with coaches Sue Deibner and Kory Swart leading the teams, their future is looking successful.

The girls’ and boys’ first meet was at Mount Vernon on Aug. 21 with great results. The weather was perfect. The top two finishers for the Mount Vernon/Lisbon boys’ team was, in first, Senior Oliver Crocker with the time of 17:40.4 and second, Senior David Wolfe with the time of 17:51.3. The top two girls’ finishers were Aubrey Frey, a junior, in first with the time of 20:38.9, and Caroline See, a junior, in second with the time of 22:06.5.

Cross country’s second meet in Prairie resulted in a very hot turnout. They had 18 people pass out from heat exhaustion. They did not run JV boys or girls that meet and only ran varsity. The varsity ran well for the heat, and pushed through the pain.

“Although the weather has negatively affected our cross country season, in the future, I think hard work will help us succeed,” said sophomore Lauren Kephart. Both girls and boys are about halfway through their season, not including State. They continue to practice with the goal of beating their own previous times.

Senior Jackson Meeker at the Mount Vernon home meet and ends the race strong.