Who Needs College Prep Math?

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Coy Martin, Cody Connolly, Cale Snedden and Tyson Dew work on their math homework in Mrs. Young’s fifth hour College Prep Math class in March. Photo by Brian Harris.

By Brian Harris

Everyone should at least think about taking college prep math. College prep math is a math class taught by Mary Young and the purpose of it is to help prepare kids for the type of math they will face in college. The biggest objective of this class is to be able to successfully prepare the students for higher levels of math after high school.

“This class has really benefited me,” said senior Mat Zobac. “Instead of me learning new material in college I will already know all of the material going into it and will already be prepared.”

For some, it is the extra boost needed before moving on to “It gave me a higher level of mathematics that I wouldn’t have learned if I had just taken algebra 2 or any other math class,” said senior Derk Keller.

College prep math seems to be the math class that people look forward to taking because the students know that the math will be able to assist them in any higher levels of education.
“It is a one semester course and if you plan on seeking higher levels of education it will most definitely prepare you for the classes you need to take,” said senior Sam Jordan.

College prep math is found to be beneficial by students.“I most definitely recommend this class, its really good for pursuing any math career,” said Zobac. It has many after high school applications and real world applications that will help prepare students for a future in engineering, game design, computer science or any other jobs that require math.


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