Tablets in the Weight Room

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By Jake Panos

The physical education department at Mount Vernon High School is serious about helping students to not only get fit, but also to increase their speed, strength, and agility, as well as find activities they enjoy so they can continue to be active into their adult lives. This year, they added tablets with an app called Teambuildr to the weight room and began to upgrade the look of the weight room. They also plan to add protein shake mixes and chocolate milk, and window decals to the weight room.  

Teambuildr optimizes the process of delivering workouts and capturing training data that I can then use to make better decisions in the future,” coach Preston Pedersen said.

There is a lot of research out there that states that when students learn to safely and effectively lift weights in a supervised setting, they not only build strength but also reduce the risks of injury when playing sports. This wide variety of activities and equipment make the Mount Vernon P.E. department a place that develops not only kids’ fitness, but also their social and collaboration skills, and points them in the direction of lifelong active living. The tablets in the weight room have both coaches and students embracing new technology in powerful ways.

Students can use Teambuildr, instead of using sheets of paper that can be lost and can keep track of their sets as they demonstrate new skills. “The tablets make it easier to track your results because you don’t have to stop and write after each one of your sets,” junior Mackenzie Ketchum said.  

Coaches can also follow up with students on the tablets by using Teambuildr to see how they are doing and what they may need help with.


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