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Catherine Yeoman poses during her internship at Restoration Dental Center in January.

By Reese Panos

A new opportunity during J-term this year was to experience internships. Students were able to go off campus to spend 11 days encountering a number of job fields, including professions like dentistry, architecture, and medicine.

Senior Ben McGuire interned as a journalist for the Mt. Vernon-Lisbon Sun.There he worked on editing, uploading sports stats, and was even given the chance to co-write a story. “It was a good learning experience, but I’m not certain I would pursue this career,” Ben said. He recommended this internship for everyone, as it is a good way to figure out what career best fits you.

Senior Catherine Yeoman was lucky enough to do four internships over J- term. She worked with a veterinarian, dentist, physical therapist, and physician assistant. During this time she went into appointments with doctors. With the vet she watched surgeries being done. “I loved going to these. It was a great way to experience jobs that may be interesting in the future” Catherine said. She recommended this for everyone, because it gets you realizing what jobs have in store for you for the future.

The greatest thing about these internships are that you can take as many as you want, giving you the chance to see what all job fields have to offer.

Cale Snedden reads to elementary students as part of his internship at the elementary school with Mrs. Wade.

Ben McGuire spends his J-term internship at the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Sun. Photos by business teacher Kevin Murray.

Kate Liberko experienced life as a realtor at Skogman Realty.

Technician Intern Zoe Snyder interned at the University of Iowa helping research epilepsy seizures on flies.

Katheryn Opperman was an OB-GYN intern who witnessed surgery and birth.


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