J-Term Day 2

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As the video journalism class learns to use cameras, explore the other J-term classes with them through their practice photos:

Seniors Nick Leopold and Casey Noska setting up the green screen in Hometown Teams on Jan. 5. Photo by Caitlin Babcock

Student Paul Ryan takes action in shooting arrows for Outdoor Pursuit J-Term class. Photo taken by Mathew Trachta, Jan 5.

Senior Casey Noska stands next to a Ram truck during J-Term. Photo by Drew Adams.

Junior Nolan Hinrichs works during Sci-Fi on Jan. 5. Photo by Kendra Streicher.

Abby Davidson, a junior, paints the face of sophomore Phillip Hyde in Sci-Fi. Photo by Caroline Voss.

Junior, Blake Booth, works on his project in his Sci-Fi J-Term class. Photo by Reagan Light.

Seniors Zach Vig and Mathew Hall work on their projects during their Sci-fi J-Term class on Jan. 5. Photo by Lauren Hauser.

Casey Noska poses in front of green screen during “Hometown Teams” J-Term class. Photo by Max Siders.

Sophomore Aydan Shultz enjoys taking part in Exercise Science Jan. 5.

Marissa Buck, Samantha Moss, Adrienne Hill, and Rebecca Edwards work hard in Sci-Fi J-Term 2018. Jan. 5. Photo by Paige Emig

Juniors Kelsey Kosman and Shianne Sneed add the final touches to Madelyn Steen’s makeup in SciFi Jan. 5. Photo by Megan Zobac

Sophomore Nicole Theobald paints in SciFi. Jan 5 photo by Kailey Shannon

Juniors Blake Booth and Gunnar Hageman getting work done in Sci-Fi during J-term. Jan 5. Photo by Jeremy Kline.

Freshmen Logan Greibel and Jake hunter are studying their questions for 9/11 interviews on Jan. 5. photo by Logan Kelly

Logan Kelly plays in the snow for hometown teams J-term class, January 5. Photo by Cooper Becthold

Sophomore Sam Adams and Junior Tucker Dickson Shoot arrows in Outdoor Pursuits J-term class. Photo by Tommy Meineke.

Junior Paul Ryan and company moving quivers during their Outdoor Pursuits J-term class on Jan.5. Photo by Nolan Brand.

Senior Cam Woodley pulls an arrow in Outdoor Pursuits J-Term class, Jan. 5. Photo by Garett Hormann.

Sophomore Phillip Hyde poses with his makeup in SciFi. Jan 5. Photo by Jace DeLancey


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