Most Embarrassing Moments In High School

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By Brian Harris

In everyone’s high school career there are embarrassing moments. Either they happen to you or someone you know. Usually everyone ends up having one. They are some of life’s funniest moments and allow people to look back and laugh about them because it can be a learning experience.

Josh Blasdell is a freshman. During his first day of school he already had his most embarrassing high school moment. “I was walking up the stairs on the first day and really wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking and WHAM! I managed to trip walking up the stairs. There was a whole bunch of people behind me and they all laughed at me for a minute but then proceeded to help me up,” said Blasdell. Sometimes, the embarrassment of one person can lead to the best in people.

Freshman Camryn Ellyson had one of her most embarrassing moments during lunch. At lunch she threw away her retainer in the trash. When she later realized her mistake, she had to dig through the trash to find her retainer. Don’t worry though, she found it.

Cuyler Reid is now a sophomore, but during her freshman year she had her most embarrassing moment. “I was taking earth science and Mrs. Henik was turning on a video for the class to watch. In the first 30 seconds of the video starting I fell asleep with my arm propping me up right. When she turned the lights on my head slipped off my hand and hit the desk. Boy was it really awkward right after!” said Reid.

There was a loud obnoxious din that was the Chicago bus ride for the World History class. Amongst the sea of students on the bus was sophomore Dalton Patterson. The World History class was going to the National History Museum in Chicago. When the class had finally arrived, the bus was quieting down as everyone started to get off the bus. “As I was stepping off the bus the bus driver told everyone to have a good time at the museum. My socially awkward self decided to reply with “you too”. Then I realized what I had said and just silently judged myself,” said Patterson.

Aiden Frantz

Who hasn’t had those days where they wrote a huge paper and they were paranoid that they would fail it? This is junior Aiden Frantz’s most embarrassing moment. “I was in Mr. Timm’s class and we had a huge paper due and I turned it in and I was super scared that I was gonna fail it. Mr. Timm walked over and placed it face down on my desk and said ‘Good job Frantz’. I was so tired and on edge I thought he was being sarcastic. I then accidentally cursed at him and then realized what I said, and I tried to apologize, but then he had already started spraying me in my face. Then while he was doing so he laughed maniacally at me. When he was done I turned over my paper and realized I had a perfect score,” said Frantz. Out of all the things Timm could have done he spared Frantz by only spraying him with the bottle of water.

Kelsey Kosman

In high school one of the things you never want to do is trip up or down the stairs. BOOM! THUD! Is the sound of junior Kelsey Kosman’s face planting on the stairs. “I was running up the stairs and I was in a hurry and there was a bunch of people on the stairs. Then all of the sudden I tripped over my own foot and I fell backwards down the stairs, and people had to move out of the way. A bunch of people started to laugh at me and all my books and papers were all over the stairs,” said Kosman. That’s one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to anyone.

Jack Dietsch is a senior but his most embarrassing moment was last year. He and his group of friends decided that they wanted to go to the movies to see the new film Alien: Covenant. “We get there and were all hyped to see the movie and we realized that we had to be 17 to see the movie. All of us that went were old enough to see the movie but Daniel Ault forgot his ID. So we had to explain the lady taking tickets that he was old enough to see the movie and while we were doing this a whole bunch of people were starting to stare at us and watch us and it was really awkward. In the end we did get to see the movie,” said Dietsch.

Jack Dietsch

Wooooooo! A touchdown was just made and the crowd goes wild. Clarissa Player is senior and her most embarrassing moment happened her junior year. She went to the Mount Vernon vs Solon game. A touchdown was made and the crowd went wild, so Clarissa started to cheer but as she was doing so she realized that Solon had made the touchdown and not Mount Vernon. “When I was done cheering I realized that I had cheered for Solon’s touchdown and I felt really dumb,” said Player.

Clarissa Player

Almost everyone has one of those moments in high school where they are super embarrassing. Some have more lasting impressions than others. Some of them are learning experiences. They usually stay with the person throughout their life.


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