The Dietsch Experience

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By Tyson Dew

As Coy Martin gets a huge hit on the sideline the crowd erupts but one voice out of them all stands out. That voice is the voice of senior Jack Dietsch. No matter if his voice is gone or all there you will always hear him screaming for his brothers on the field, making it fun for everyone else on the sideline.

“Jack has brought a lot of energy to this team,” said Head Coach Lance Pedersen, who called Dietsch “a very respectful and energetic young man.” Pedersen said, “Jack works extremely hard in practice and is a very good teammate.”

Jack Dietsch cheers on his teammates at the West Delaware game on Sept. 1.
Photo By Lauren Hauser

Dietsch has not really had his time to shine on the field. But his hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed by fellow players and coaches. “He didn’t get to start but still made everyone better by always going hard on scout team and everything he did,” said Coy Martin a senior teammate. No matter what he is doing he is giving it his all so his family can get better.

One of Dietsch’s big attributes was on the scout teams. He was always giving 100 percent and giving the starters a hard time by making huge plays on them and in return making them better. He knew a lot of the plays that Coach would call so he would jump the routes and make a huge interception and the team would go nuts which made practice a lot more fun.

Knowing that the practices sucked and no one wanted to be there going through all the tough parts of conditioning and drills, Dietsch always tried to make the tough things fly by so the week would go faster. He did this by messing around with the starters, cracking jokes and just having a good old time on the field with his brothers.

On the sidelines is where the true Dietsch came out. He is always yelling supportive words to the team and sometimes not so nice things to the refs, which was funny because he knew he could get in trouble, but still did it because he was trying to make it a great atmosphere for the team on and off the field. With his yelling, he gets

the underclassmen going which pumped up the adrenaline making it louder and better for everyone around.

Dietsch said that football really changed his life for the better. He said that his family isn’t that extensive and that the football team has filled that role for him. “Mount Vernon Football is a family, a lot of teams say that but this team really is a family,” said Dietsch. “That is a big reason on why I stayed out and put myself through it.” Dietsch felt trusted and wanted a team to fall back on for anything he needed and in return do the same for them.


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