People and their Pets: Owning an Attack Duck

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By Josh Jordan

Cian Meier-Gast can’t remember a time when his family didn’t have pets around. Ever since he was a kid Meier-Gast has always been around many different kinds of animals that he would call his pets. One of the most interesting of his many pets, is his Moscovia attack duck Stephen. Stephen has been with Meier-Gast and his family his whole life. “We ordered Stephen as an egg and raised him since he was a hatchling,” said Meier-Gast. The family has had Stephen for a total of five years and counting. Together, they have had many interesting adventures and created many good memories. One of Meier-Gasts fondest memories was when his duck decided to attack his peacock Frank. Usually Frank would attack and terrorize his chickens, but not this time. Stephen saw the peacock and decided to jump on its back. So he did. Stephen ended up ripping out some of Frank’s feathers and gave Frank a taste of his own medicine.

If you ever decide you want a pet duck for yourself, Meier-Gast has some advice: “All a duck needs is plenty of food, water, and space,” he said. “Without those your duck won’t last very long.” A duck can eat almost anything depending on what kind of duck it is. In Stephen’s case, he can eat anything that is small enough to fit in his mouth. The last thing a duck needs is plenty of care. Ducks can get into quite a bit of trouble, like in the case of Frank and Stephen. So if you are looking for a pet that will last a while, is pretty easy to take care of, and is an uncommon pet, a pet Moscovian attack duck is for you.

Stephen minding his own business. Picture by Cian Meier-Gast

Stephen waiting and watching. Photo by Cian Meier-Gast


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