Behind the Stage of the Fall Play

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Alina Merlak, Sam white, Clarissa Player, Alanah Malone, and Quinnie Rodman play Vietnam nurses in the fall play which opens this Saturday. Photo by Jillian McGuire

‘Piece of My Heart’ to be performed Oct. 28 and Nov. 4

By Cameron Ling

What goes on stage can be just as exciting as behind the stage. The Director for tech this year’s play, Steve Andresen who taught art here last year. Mr. Andresen plans for how the stage is set up, and how its is constructed and has appointed leaders for special projects like assigning Martin Benesh as the light director.

Benesh has to learn how to shine the light at such an angle that the light shows contrast. Some of the lighting has been set underneath the platforms so that they show shadow on the actors faces for dramatic effect. Martin said “I do enjoy acting, but I like the mechanics of the lights.”

Another tech leader is senior Matthew Zobac, who is one of the main carpenters. “We are working on seven platforms that are all different heights,” he said. Zobac has increased the team’s efficiency by creating outlines that people can easily follow. They have three platforms of the same height then four tall towers. The stage has camouflage netting and lights for to create a war-like scene.

Zobac is not the only builder; he is just the main carpenter. Senior Brian Harris is one of the main builders. Harris has built the main base support for most of the towers. He also helped Zobac with the towers and the camouflage netting that needed to be installed. The tech team has put together a portable wood platforms and towers, along with extra lighting that has been put into the platforms.

The play, Piece Of My Heart, is about seven nurses that have been in Vietnam. They live through the horrors of the war. It is directed by Tom Stephens, and will be performed Saturday, Oct. 28 and Saturday, Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. in the district auditorium. It is $5 for students and $10 for adults, but free for those with military IDs.



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