Student’s Special Interest in Makeup

Spotlight — By on October 24, 2017 12:19 pm

By Lauren McCollum

Sophomore Sara De La Rosa’s eye look. Oct 24.

Sophomore Sara De La Rosa’s makeup collection.

Taking a seat at her desk, she turns the light attached to her mirror on and stares into her reflection. A new day, a new look. Reaching for her moisturizer she starts to apply it to every part of her face. Maybe today would be the day she perfects her most recently created Pennywise based look.

Many people enjoy putting makeup on for a lot of different reasons. To Sophomore, Sara De La Rosa, makeup is not just a fun activity she enjoys doing, but also a way to express her love for all different forms of art. She enjoys music, poetry, drawing, and also painting. Her interest in makeup started at around eight years old, and ever since she has been trying new looks and different techniques to apply it.

Being a bit of a perfectionist, De La Rosa gets pretty frustrated when a look doesn’t turn out how she wants it to. She got inspired to try more serious looks from the instagram account “stickybab.y”, and although she loves serious looks, clown looks are her favorite.

De La Rosa mainly shops at Ulta in person to get her makeup products, but will also shop online and order it. “Colourpop is my favorite drugstore brand because they are pretty cheap, but also have really good products,” De La Rosa said. Her favorite high end brands are Anastasia and Sugarpill because she believes you definitely get what you pay for.

“I don’t really like doing makeup on other people as much because it’s much more convenient to do it on myself, and also way more sanitary,” De La Rosa said. De La Rosa also explained that on herself there isn’t as much pressure or need to make it look perfect as there is on somebody else. If it doesn’t turn out the way she wants it to on herself, she can always try it again the next day.


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