Homecoming Parade Creates Memories for Participants and Spectators

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Brian Harris and Catherine Yeoman ride as candidates in the homecoming parade. Photo by Lauren McCollum.

By Tyson Dew

The parade Thursday Sept. 21 started at the Mount Vernon Elementary and worked its way up to the First Street Building. Some in the parade walked, rode on floats, and some even rode in Corvettes. Senior homecoming court representative Brian Harris was one of the lucky to ride in the Corvettes. “It was really neat because I have never done it before,” said Harris. Harris was on homecoming court and rode in the Corvettes in Thursday’s parade. Harris said that the experience to him was really different than any other parade. There was a lot of spotlight on him because he is on the homecoming court. Harris also said that the Corvettes were very comfortable and cool to be in. “If I could do it again I would do it,” Harris said.

Many students and fall sport athletes rode on floats, lIke senior football player Coy Martin. “I liked wearing the varsity jerseys and giving the kids something to look forward to when they get older,” said Martin. Martin was on the varsity football float with the whole football team and coaches. He said he loved being with his friends and throwing candy out to the little kids.

The heat and hill made this year challenging for walkers in the parade. Senior Colorguard member Cassie Kaminsky was one of the band members marched in the heat. “It is cool seeing all the people happy for us,” said Kaminsky. Kaminsky said that it was fun but it was hotter this year than previous year. She also said that she liked seeing all the little kids knowing that she was in their shoes before. When asked if they practiced any for the parade she said that they didn’t do any extra practice because the previous year they marched in the Thanksgiving Day parade. “Over-all it was fun but it was tiring from the heat,” said Kaminsky.

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