Homecoming Coronation

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King Clayton Loyd and Queen Grace Pettinger pose for the crowd. Photo by Elijah Recalde.

By Elijah Recalde

“There are a lot of great things about this school and just being nominated to the homecoming court was just an honor and a privilege,” said senior Brian Harris.

The annual high school Homecoming Coronation and Powder Puff game took place Sept. 20. Seniors Grace Pettinger and Clayton Lloyd were elected to represent this year as Homecoming Queen and King.

“No one was surprised. When it came to it, both of them were the best choices, because no one has like a super polarized opinion about either of them, they are just really cool people,” said senior Clarissa Player.

To some, the title of Homecoming King or Queen is considered one of the highest honors you can receive in the high school experience.

But to Harris, the best part was just being elected to be on Homecoming Court.

“Being nominated was super important to me because I’ve only been going to school here for 2 years. I don’t know everyone here as well as they know each other because, you know, they’ve been hanging out with each other since kindergarten.”

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