‘IT’ Is a Huge Success among Students

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By Jake Panos

Almost everyone in Mount Vernon High School has been talking nonstop about the highly anticipated horror/drama film called IT;  based on the novel by Stephen King.  The film is about seven kids who unite after a shapeshifting entity,  taking the appearance of a clown,  begins hunting children in their town.


The students of MVHS have all really enjoyed the film; most calling it a pretty scary movie,  but also having some pretty hilarious moments and some heart-felt moments too.  Sophomore Lauren Hauser said “It wasn’t just a horror movie, it was really cool and had some funny moments too. The kid actors were also great in the movie.” Junior Dario Kristic said “Pennywise terrified me and I really didn’t expect it to be as funny as it was. I would recommend everyone in the world to watch It;  it was amazing.” Dario went to see the film the night it came out and said that it was really fun to talk about the movie with everyone else who went to see it. “So if anyone doesn’t think they’ll like the movie or if someone is too scared to see it, go to it anyway; you will not regret it!” said Dario.



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