New Year New Artist

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By Brian Harris

Mat Zobac has never taken an art class before and in his senior year finally decided to do so. Most students take art classes to fill up their schedules with something but there are others who take them cause they enjoy art. “I wanted to take an art class because I wanted to publish comics so I wanted to get better at my drawing and artistic skills, also I just being able to draw and express yourself is fun too,” he said. This year there is a new art teacher Bonnie Ahrens, and with new teachers come their own style and atmosphere to the classroom. “It’s really relaxing and chill even though she gives you deadlines. You can always come back to any of your art pieces and work on them throughout the year and improve on it. I really like being able to do this because I want to constantly make my art better.

With being in an art class there are many things that you like more than others. “My favorite part is looking back on all my art work that I have done and being able to see how much I have improved,” Zobac said. “It’s very satisfying and self rewarding and a wonderful aspect of art.” Although it can come with many challenges as well. “The hardest part for me is staying on task because I constantly stop and think about my work and critique it, and I don’t realize that I can come back later when I have more time to work on it,” he said.

No artist is alike they all have their own flavor. “I really want to incorporate different types of unique eyes into my art style, I find they are capable of drawing a lot of attention to a piece of art,” he said. Artists also have favorite art styles they have. “I really like comic book like art style because there is always aspects of it that are super realistic and breathtaking but you still know it’s not real and just being able to see how real it is can be amazing,” he said. 


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