Student sings his heart out

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Elijah Dorn-Recalde

By Brian Harris

As you get closer to the choir room you can hear the rising roar of the voices of all the talented singers. Among the rumble of voices is Tenor I Elijah Dorn-Recalde in concert choir. “I really enjoy choir because it allows a bunch of people with tons of talent to get together and sing and we feed off one another’s energy,”About once every three months concert choir holds a concert and performs three or four songs.  As he stands up on stage and the bright stage lights are in his face his eyes strain to make out the faces of his friends and family from the crowd.

“I really enjoy when we are able to get all the states choirs together and sing, it allows me to see other people’s talent and build off their talent and make myself a better singer in the process,” he said. One of the other events that he really enjoys is when the Mount Vernon, Solon and the Cornell choir get together and sing at Kings Chapel. “Kings Chapel is absolutely beautiful, just being able to sing in such a beautiful environment is breathtaking,” he said. He also adamantly explained how much he loves doing solos, he has had one once and loved the thrilling aspect of it and how it allows him to shine but also take in constructive criticism from his peers. Elijah also enjoys most of the songs they sing but he enjoys singing gospel-like songs more because they are easier for him to sing and more fun as well.

Although being in choir does have its challenges. “One of the biggest challenges for me is when I come to school sick or when I wear my voice out and it becomes very hard for me to sing the lines,” he said. One of the many other challenges is being able to combat and deal with his allergies along with trying to take off time from work so he is able to make it to all the choir concerts. Through all the all the things he really enjoys and the struggles and challenges that he has he still is very happy that he is able to be apart of such a wonderful group of singers in choir.


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