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Aaron Barnhart

By Ben McGuire
For many students at Mount Vernon one person stands out as the ultimate friend, senior Aaron Barnhart. He has built many close relationships in baseball, band, choir, and speech.

“He is always super caring,” said senior Jenna Baumler. “Whenever I’ve had a problem he’s always been there to help me out,” said Baumler. Jenna loves Barnhart’s kindness and open spirit. “He’s so relatable, whenever I see him in the hallway he’s always talking to someone and brightening their day,” said Baumler. One of Baumler’s fonder memories of Barnhart was way back during their freshman year, the night of homecoming. “I went with Sam Krapfl, and Aaron went with Chelsea Wallace. We went to eat supper at 5:00 because we were stupid freshmen and didn’t know anything. We had so much time to kill so we went to Barnes & Noble. But we were awkward and didn’t know how to talk to each other. So Sam and Aaron went over to the little lego table and started making lego guns and were running around the store pretending to shoot each other.”

One of Barnhart’s best attributes is ingratiating himself with the underclassmen and making them feel welcome. “I love Barny,” said sophomore Sam White, who has looked up to Barnhart ever since she got to high school. “He is the most trustworthy person I know. He is always the first to notice when I’m having a bad day. Not only can I trust him to give me advice and listen to me. But we can also have a really good time,” said White. “One of my favorite memories of Barny was when we went to Prairie to watch a cross country meet. We were trying to see the boys run as much as possible were cutting corners. There was a huge puddle and Aaron claimed he could jump it because he was in performance PE. He tried jumping it and he wiped out in the most cartoon-like fashion. That was probably the hardest I’ve ever laughed in my life,” recounted White.

Many people love Barnhart for different reasons, but one of the most common was his compassion and great listening skills. “He’s always willing listen,” said junior Clarissa Player. “His main goal is to make everyone feel welcome.”

Another passion of Barnhart’s throughout his high school career has been athletics. Aaron has participated in football, archery, golf, and baseball. “He never complains and always works his hardest, he’s very reliable and always tries to get better every day,” said baseball teammate Ian Bootsmiller, who has always respected Barnhart’s work ethic. “He is really funny, and he always keeps spirits high,” said Bootsmiller.

When asked to describe Barnhart in one word, several different words were given. But they were all struck from the same vein. “Genuine” said Bootsmiller. “Loyal” said White. “Helpful” said junior Tori Steiner. “Hair” said Player. “Frow” Baumler. Aaron’s hair has been a running joke between his close friends and makes him stand out in a crowd. “I started growing it out for Les Mis, and people liked it so I just kept it,” said Barnhart. Long time friend Jack Young summed him up as “Gregarious”. No matter they described him, all his friends maintained the idea he is kind, generous, and loving.

Barnhart has had a huge impact on numerous people throughout his high school career. He hasn’t done much: he’s just been nice, always listened, kept his friends moods up, and done the right thing. “I always try to do the right thing, even if it isn’t always easy,” Barnhart said. “I’m easy to talk to and I feel like I’m pretty nice. It also takes a lot to really upset me so most people haven’t ever seen me mad. I think this might make people feel more comfortable around me because nobody really sees me upset. I’m also really good at talking to people and starting conversations so basically everyone knows me. I also feel like I’m pretty funny so people like that.”

Throughout all the years of activities and memories, good times and bad. Aaron Barnhart has always been there for those who needed him. He has made them smile, laugh, and formed strong friendships beyond just high school. He has stayed consistent, kind, and loving. He has lived his life very simply in this way. That is how he has made everyone else’s lives better.


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