The Problematic Presentation of Our Dress Code

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Opinion by Laurel Sherman

As you walk down the hallways at Mount Vernon High School, you see students wearing a wide variety of clothing, ranging from sweatpants to dresses. Many students, specifically girls, like to express themselves through their clothing. However, when the administration ostracizes someone for wearing what they enjoy because they find it distracting, it only draws more attention to person wearing the clothing. The administrative staff needs to not criticize girls for their clothing and focus on empowering students instead.

When students are in school their priority should be to learn; instead, girls are often found stressing out about their many responsibilities. Worrying if fashion choices appeal to others should not be included in the expectations of

a high school girl. Students should be able to wear whatever they want, as long as undergarments are not exposed, without feeling uncomfortable about it.

If a student comes to school wearing a questionable article of clothing, then the administration should accept that if they feel it is decent to wear then it is their choice and that should be respected. Students should not be taken out of class and lose valuable time with teachers just because of their clothing.

At Mount Vernon High School there was an assembly where girls were told that they cannot wear shorts shorter than their fingertips or tight, low cut shirts because it distracts boys. This makes both the girls and boys feel uncomfortable and bad about themselves. It puts blame on girls and creates an idea that all high school boys are sex maniacs and never stop looking at their female classmates.

A solution to this problem is presenting the school dress code a manner that makes girls and boys equally responsible for what they wear. They should also encourage students to dress in whatever way makes them feel comfortable and empowered instead of making what you wear into an expectation that can determine the way administration views you.  

Mount Vernon High School staff may argue that students need guidelines or that people will come to school showing excessive skin, affecting the learning of other students. They should not be forced to leave class to change when it will end up affecting their own learning. No one forces people to look at them or their clothing.

High school is a time to explore what you like and find out who you want to be. It is not a time for being criticized about the clothing you wear.

That’s a Code!

Cartoon by Laurel Sherman



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