Hepker Racks Up Hundreds of Views on YouTube Cover

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By Abby Davidson

She did it. She posted her first cover on YouTube after seven takes that she used to compare. Next was sharing the video on social media. The coming hours resulted in an over pouring of support from friends, family, and fellow students that she doesn’t always talk to. Now she’s letting her voice be known.

Singing has always been a passion of Haley Hepker’s. For so long Hepker’s friends and family have encouraged her to try and help her accomplish her goals. Over the years she’s been improving her voice, singing in choir, even getting recalled at All-State. Singing isn’t Hepker’s only musical talent. She can play the piano and both bass and b flat clarinet.

“I love listening to her music!” said senior Alyssa Maddocks. “She is an incredible singer, and I know that she could go really far if she continues to pursue her passion for singing.”

Even though Hepker is very talented vocally she hasn’t always been so forward about sharing her vocals. Before sophomore year she was scared to sing in front of crowds as small as her mom and dad. One of the things that helped prove to herself that she was talented was getting an outstanding performance award at Central DeWitt High School for contest. “That made me feel like I actually had a shot of getting somewhere with my voice,” said Hepker. “It wasn’t until this year that I stepped out of my comfort zone.”

Hepker has the potential to take her singing career further on youtube, but she prefers to take it slow for now. She’s very happy about all the support she’s gotten from friends and family and plans on posting more covers of songs she loves. A dream of hers is to make it onto a televised singing competition then moving onto the music industry.

Choir director, Thad Wilkins played a key role in Hepker feeling comfortable singing around crowds. He encouraged her to expand her comfort zone vocally and was constantly supportive.

“I have Mr. Wilkins, my family, and my friends especially to thank.”

A link to Haley Hepker’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBlKvhXTkJ6JiQgBVS7vfDw


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