What’s Happening in Week 2 of J-Term 2017?

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The Video Journalism J-term class put together a photo story to give us a peek inside classes days 4-8 of the 12-day term.

Senior Journey Dawa, a Sci-Fi student, poses with wax model of his face Jan. 12. Photo by Zach Krogmann.

Intrigued, senior Taylor Hartman pets Odie as Mrs. Olney’s class learns about dog safety and what to do when   meeting a dog Jan 12. Photo by Kaitlyn Osmun.



Junior Zach Niehaus helps detail a car by washing the window. The J-term Consumer Automotive class details many cars for great prices. Photo by Clara Conroy.

Senior Nicole Binsfield prepares a dish for the J-term class Learning on a Dime’s version of the TV show “Chopped” on Jan. 12. Five groups prepared a dish using specific ingredients the teachers assigned. Then they presented them to three judges. Photo by Alexis Behrens.

Mrs. Erickson teaches her Social Justice class, after volunteering at places in Cedar Rapids. She is discussing details about their next volunteer trip to Chicago. By Althea, Adrienne and Lauren.

Freshman Reagan Light works avidly on a quiz in Health Jan 12. Photo by Haley Hepker.

Freshman Ella Wischmeyer enjoys some down time during her 9/11 J-Term course Jan 12. Photo by Aiden Frantz.

Freshman Luke Wade works on his 9/11 project for j-term Jan 12. Photo by Brian Harris.

Mr. Stephens and Jenna Baumler look on as an employee at the Paramount tells the class about the old spotlights the theater has. The Musical Theatre class toured Theatre Cedar Rapids and the Paramount Theater on Jan. 11. Photo by Austin Webster.

Sophomore Blake Booth works on a project about a spy for his James Bond through Cold War J-Term class on Jan. 11. Photo by Matt Gearhart.

The Spanish Trip J-Term visits Peru. Photo by Sue Deibner.

The Cold War class traveled to Wisconsin to meet a former double agent, a former James Bond novelist, and to tour a former nuclear missile base as well as a restaurant in Milwaukee that acts as an espionage museum. Photo by Maggie Willems.




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