We Should Have Voted ‘Yes’ to the Bond

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Opinion by Cale Snedden

Recently our district has turned down the chance of a lifetime. We as a community refused to build a new complex for our athletes and a new auditorium for our musical programs.

In a result of 64 to 36 percent, the bond issue for this new addition for the community was turned down, shocking many locals. Yes, this would raise taxes for the residents of Mount Vernon but it for ais going to cause that will change so many lives in so many different ways. It goes towards a good cause and will create so many new memories. If I were able to partake in the vote, without a doubt my voice would have screamed yes and here’s why.

To start off is the football field. We did recently get new bleachers and add another level to the press box, but think about of a grand stadium with a brand new, top of the line, turf field. You would never have to worry about mowing again, repainting lines, or even deformities in the field. Not only does it cut down on maintenance but it dramatically increases the safety of players. No more hard, dry fields. Instead of having to ask Cornell if we could play on their field when we could walk into the school’s backyard and play on our own turf.  Also just playing on turf is a whole new experience.

With the new field would come a new track. A normal day of track practice consists of two hours of running on an old track shared among four middle school teams and two high school teams. It’s overcrowded and also very dangerous. With two tracks, the high school could practice on the new one and the middle school teams would have the old one. The reason we can’t have track meets at our track is because of the condition that it is in.

Next is the new auditorium. When a school has such a strong and talented fine arts program such as Mount Vernon, they also deserve the best. The auditorium we have now can’t seat the family and friends of the performers. I heard of one incident of a family member that came from out of state to watch a family member perform and wasn’t able to view any of the show because of the seating issue. The aisles are full and some people sit in front of the stage and settle for just listening. The stage just isn’t big enough to fit the band on it for a concert.

Last is parking. This has been an issue for my whole high school career. When big events such as a playoff basketball game or WaMac districts are held in Mount Vernon, you should show up expecting to walk a mile to get to the high school. Some regular school days in the spring are dreadful. There is simply not enough room to park.

Many of these things are possible with just one word. Yes. So the next time we have an opportunity like this, for the town of Mount Vernon, please take these examples into consideration. You can change lives with your vote. Take advantage and let your voice be heard. Vote yes. Mount Vernon is a community that is built around education. The top business is Cornell. People move here to raise their children in an outstanding district. If our schools and facilities are no longer top of the line, our town will be less desirable to live in.

Facilities Need an Upgrade. Cartoon by Cale Snedden.

Facilities Need an Upgrade. Cartoon by Cale Snedden.



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