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Quinnie Rodman, Kathryn Opperman, and Ryan Clark are auditioning for All-State Choir. Photo by Lauren Hauser.

Quinnie Rodman, Katheryn Opperman, and Ryan Clark are auditioning for All-State Choir. Photo by Lauren Hauser.

By Lauren Hauser

Junior Katheryn Opperman and Sophomores Quinnie Rodman and Ryan Clark make up a trio auditioning for All-State Choir. At Mount Vernon, vocalists are eligible to try out for All State their sophomore year. Fifteen students are auditioning.

Opperman, Rodman, and Clark have been working on dynamics, perfecting mouth shapes, learning the music, attending camps, and going to practices to prepare before auditions in late October. Opperman said that she has spent “about an hour a day practicing by herself, and about seven hours a week practicing as a group.” From practices starting in August until auditions at the end of October, Opperman said keeping up their endurance is very difficult. “It is hard to keep up the intensity for that amount of time, but it is very important,” she said.

The trio agrees All-State is challenging, but it helps them improve and become better singers. “I have learned how hard it is to get into All-State, and how little things can make or break your chances,” said Clark.

The group has been working hard to blend their voices together, which they said is one of their biggest challenges. All three members of the trio agree they sound good together. “Some challenges are trying to blend well within your group, and getting the confidence to sing your own voice part by yourself,” said Rodman, “but I feel like it will be a good confidence boost to get up and sing in front of some tough judges.”

After paying a fee of $21, contestants perform in their first audition as a duet, trio, or quartet and receive feedback from the judges. Following the first audition, singers are eligible for a recall. If they get a recall, the singer will perform as a soloist in front of the judges once again. Finally the judges pick the members of the choir. As a member of All-State, singers will qualify for scholarships, and get to perform the songs in front of an audience with other vocalists of extreme talent.

Even though the end goal is to be a part of the choir, every competitor will get something out of the time and effort put into preparation. “Everyone’s obvious goal is to make it, but I really want to improve my musical and singing skills through this process,” said Opperman.

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