Foreign Exchange Students Experience First Homecoming

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By Lauren McCollum

Fynn Utermark's group takes pictures before the homecoming dance.

Fynn Utermark’s group takes pictures before the homecoming dance.

Many of us were excited for homecoming this year, especially the foreign exchange students. Coming from a different country makes it really hard to know what to expect from a school dance. Seniors Trym Anderson and Fynn Utermark were expecting a lot of food, dancing, and your average rap/pop music.

Anderson said that before the dance his homecoming group took pictures at Cornell, and went out to eat at Cheddars, which was his favorite part of the whole night. He didn’t enjoy the dance as much because they didn’t play the kind of music he liked, however he thought the dancing was very interesting. After the dance, his whole homecoming group went back to classmate Noelle Ossenkop’s house. He really enjoyed that along with pictures and dinner.  

Utermark said that he really liked going to Orange Leaf before the dance with his homecoming group because he had never been to a place like it before. He had also never experienced a dance like homecoming, but said it was a lot of fun to be at. He said in Germany they didn’t get to attend a dance until senior year, and then they would get to attend a prom. It was definitely something he would enjoy doing again if he ever got the opportunity!

Trym Anderson's group takes pictures at Cornell before the dance.

Trym Anderson’s group takes pictures at Cornell before the dance.

Both of them thought overall the night went well, and it ended up being close to what they were expecting.



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