Band Returns to Old Stomping Ground

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Junior Martin Benesh performs with The Stompers Sept. 30. Photo/ Trude Elliott.

Junior Martin Benesh performs with The Stompers Sept. 30. Photo by Trude Elliott.

By Cale Snedden, Blaise Anton, and Maddy Steen

Nothing is more 60’s than rock ‘n’ roll. The Stompers, a band from Mount Vernon, left their mark on the community and continue to do so to this day.

Steven Edwards, Bill Bauman, and the Harman brothers Randy, Gregg, and Bryan recorded their first major record in 1965. They would have many more songs after this and they continue to return to their home town and bring all ages together with their talent of making music. They love coming back to Mount Vernon during reunions and playing for their old classmates and whoever else wants to listen. They band would end up playing Friday night after the homecoming game at the First Street Center.

Junior, Martin Benesh, a jazz and classical Allstate participant was invited to play his bass guitar with the Stompers at their concert after the game. “It felt like playing a song for your family on Christmas”, Benesh said describing the friendly atmosphere. Normally when you think of a band you would think that they have a “pre show” routine such as warming up and getting ready. Not the Stompers. They jumped right up front and started playing the songs they created nearly 50 years ago. Benesh said that he learned a lot from the group. He realized what it was like to perform in front of a live audience and our community. There’s just certain in this world that can bring people of all ages together, one of those things is music that originated from this town by people from this town.



The Stompers perform at the First Street Building Sept. 30. Video/Mitchell Gage

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