Extraordinary Talent in Art

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By Haley Hepker

Bryce Cox is known for his magnificent voice, his quick actions on the field, his strong force on the wrestling mat, and his artistic abilities. In fact, he was on the state runner-up football team, was in All-State choir, and qualified as an individual at state wrestling. However, out of all the special talents he carries, art has always had a strong effect on the senior.

“Art, for me, is memorable. I love the fact that I can express myself through what I draw. I practically show what I’m passionate about through drawing,” Cox said.

Ever since Cox was a little boy, he’s always enjoyed the feeling of running a pencil across paper, or creating something new. He had his older brother (Ryan Cox, class of ‘11)to look up to when he needed inspiration for his drawings.

“I can remember looking at other people’s drawings, and wondering how they did it. But now, after years of practice, I finally know,” Cox said.
Apparently, the hard work that the student puts into his artwork does not come with simple, immediate results.
“The longest a drawing has taken for me to create is probably the football portrait I’ve just recently finished. It took me two weeks, and it was worth it,” Cox said. He likes to incorporate much of his sports life into his artwork, as he’s drawn plenty of football portraits.

IMG_0951 (1)

Bryce Cox’s portrait, drawn after his last season on the football team.

The inspiration to create these came from his loving teammates, or as he likes to call them, his family.

“Whenever we’d end practice, or finish a game, instead of shouting ‘Stangs’ when we depart, we yell ‘family’ instead. I don’t know where I’d be without the team I’ve come to love,” Cox said.

Cox has many talents to show the world, and each of them has an influence that keeps him going. “I look up to my brother, Ryan, when it comes to sports. Music, my sister, for sure. Art? Definitely Mr. Sotillo. He has a great impact on the artwork that I create,” Cox stated.

The senior plans to go to UNI for an education major, and later get an administrative degree after a few years of teaching.


IMG_1263 (1)

Drawing by Bryce Cox, currently being auctioned off for a football benefit.


Drawing by Bryce Cox, done at Chalk The Walk, representing his love for his team.




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