Mustangs lose to Pointers

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By Amanda Dragon


The Mount Vernon boy’s basketball team hosted Center Point Urbana Friday night but lost 46-64.

Mount Vernon’s  record of 13-5 against Center Point Urbana’s record of 12-7 was predicted a closer outcome.

Connor Herrmann scored one of the first baskets for Mount Vernon to even out the score to 4-4 in the first quarter. But CPU was fast to recover ending the first quarter with a lead of 6-15. “It was important for us to play them, so we know what we are going to be going up against into the post-season games,” said Trenton Baty.

CPU continued their lead in the game through the second quarter, ending with a halftime   score of 22 for Mount Vernon and 32 for CPU.

The third quarter was filled with turnovers and baskets, but the most thrilling moment for the crowd and Mount Vernon team, was Austin Ash’s dunk in the last seven seconds of the quarter.  He scored the final basket to end the quarter with a score of MV 40-46 CPU.

During the last quarter of the game, CPU’s number 4, Dylan Harris, was knocked down, and the crowd expected him to jump right back up, but this did not happen. Harris was on the ground holding his head after hitting the ground after a basket was made by his team.

The game ended by Harris holding onto the ball trying to make a shot but a Mount Vernon player blocked him. With six seconds left in the game he held onto the ball to end the game allowing CPU to win with the final score 64-46.

“We really struggled with energy,” said Head Coach Ed Timm.



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