Student Council Decides on New Apparel

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By MeLynn Lewis-

“Hand in your man card,” is what history teacher and student council adviser Ed Timm said to senior Greyson Snyder when talking about student council apparel. Greyson decided to show his knowledge on the latest fashion trends by using the word “heather.”

“It’s like a dark shade of one color mixed with a lighter shade of the same color,” he stated. All the female students nodded along know exactly what he was talking about. Mr. Timm did not choose to nod.

At the latest student council meeting, the members discussed many things from homecoming week to donating to a charity of the group’s choice. But for most of the meeting this past Tuesday they discussed StuCo apparel.

Senior Abbey Teubel, the discussion leader, talked about the many pieces of clothing the StuCo members could decide on, from the idea of flat-bills to sweater vests. At one point, the idea of no sleeves on the sweater vests came into play. “Just the sweater vest, no undershirt. I’d wear that to school,” said one of the members.

Eventually they decided on crew necks. Although not everyone is overjoyed about that decision, because that is the piece of clothing the council chose last year. At least this year they have the chance to change the logo. “It is better than the corny horse we have now,” stated Mr. Timm. At first the group wasn’t too sure about this new Mustang logo, but they chose to try it out.

We’ll see how these choices pan out for this group of students. To wear or not to wear? Now that is the question.



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