Top 6 Electives at MVHS

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By Matt Banwart
Math, Science, Social Studies, and English all are core classes–classes you have to take. They’re the classes that you go to school for. Electives, however, are the classes and courses that define you; they’re what make you different from the rest. What is the most popular elective at Mount Vernon High School?

The following information was gathered in a survey of 50 random upperclassmen from MVHS through Google forms. Here is a break-down of the top 6 most taken/favorite electives:

#6. Drawing/painting

This is a fundamental art class taught by the Ely Sotillo. Beginning Drawing/painting is a class where you can practice visual and technical skills to improve your ability to either draw or paint an image. In this class you also work on developing sense of artistic creativity. This class is a nice change in pace and style from your non-elective classes.


This music elective is based around woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments and is led by Bernie Moore. Band is a year long class that is broken into multiple parts. Marching band in the fall (first quarter) and concert band for the rest of the school year. In marching band, students get the opportunity to present in many public performances including home football games, parades, and marching band competitions. Concert band includes public performances such as concerts and contests. Being a participant in band also gives you the opportunity to excel in optional Jazz Band and/or Pep Band.


Wood Fabrication, more commonly called woods, is a hands on class where you learn woodworking and carpentry skills. If you enjoy in class projects, this is the class for you. Woods taught by Shawn Voight. In this class you’ll learn how to properly handle and use woodworking tools and equipment. Students also get the luxury of being able to chose what they want to build. “Going into woods, I didn’t know what a saw horse was. So I sat on the ground trying cut a board, after waisting 20 minutes Mr. White (former woods teacher at MVHS) told us we were doing it wrong. I was so embarrassed ” said junior Braylyn Kirby.


#3. Stained Glass

This is the highest ranked art elective MVHS, and like Drawing/painting it is taught by Mr Sotillo. In this class students learn to properly use glass cutters, glass grinders, and soldering equipment. “The class is very entertaining and Mr. ProTillo (A nickname students have given Sotillo) is one of my favorite teachers” said senior Robert Banwart.



#1. Foods

Sophomores Colin Heeren, Marquis Dew and Bryce Cox whip up a recipe in Foods in December. Photo by Laura Deininger.

Sophomores Colin Heeren, Marquis Dew and Bryce Cox whip up a recipe in Foods in December. Photo by Laura Deininger.

Foods is a Family Consumer Science class based around…… you guessed it, food! This class, and all other Family Consumer Science classes are taught by Trista Lynner. In this delectable class you can learn how to cook and properly prepare a wide variety of food ranging from salad dressings to stir fry. “I really enjoyed making food,” said Sophomore Bryce Cox. “My unnamed assistant chef ate an entire habanero pepper; he couldn’t handle it.”

#1. Choir

Do you like to sing? if yes, then this is definitely the for you! Choir is taught by Thad Wilkins. In this class you explore what it take to perform vocally, from pronunciation and vocal range, to posture and proper breathing technique. In this class students are required to have three individual lessons a quarter. You also get the chance to show off your progress at multiple concerts throughout the school year. One of the most unique aspect of choir is all the extracurricular groups it offers: Madrigal Singers, Select Chamber Choir, Jazz Choir, State Large group choir, State Small group choir.


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