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Renny Klein

Renny Klein

By Nolan Teubel

If you walk down Main Street you will smell the bitter sweet scent of coffee being made at the quaint little coffee shop Fuel. If you walk inside you may be lucky enough to see barista Renny Klein at her place of work.
Renny, a junior, has worked there since March of 2013 when the owner of Fuel actually asked Renny to work for them; Renny didn’t even have to apply. Renny said she was helped by the other employees and managers when she first got there.

“The first person I worked with was Alex Bell (‘13), she was the only other high school student that worked there at the time,” Renny said. Alex helped Renny get used to the busy bustle of the popular coffee shop. She taught Renny how to clean, stock and work the register.

Later came drinks. Learning the all the complicated drinks was challenging for Renny there is a large variety of them, like caramel macchiato, espressos, cappuccinos and many more. Renny said that the hardest to make were the macchiato and espressos. Renny said that she did not like the macchiato
very much because of their overpowering bitter taste.

“I enjoy working there a lot,” Renny “I like the people and I love the coffee.”
The average day at Fuel for Renny consists of baking many delicious cookies and serving a lot of coffee. Renny said, “I enjoy working at fuel because I like the people I work with, but I like the coffee more; I drink way too much of it!”

The average four hour work shift usually goes without incident. In between customers Renny would clean off the counter or hang festive ornaments season permitting.

Until one afternoon when she opened up the oven and to her dismay a wall of smoke came out of the oven. There was a fire in the back of the oven! Renny frantically ran to get a supervisor to help put the fire out. The supervisor threw baking powder on the fire and it was extinguished immediately. “I felt as if I had conquered death,” said Renny.

Renny’s favorite boss is Tommie Overson because she is a very nice lady. “If we are ever running thin on people she will come in and help.” She also taught Renny a new way to make scrambled eggs. She made them with a steam wand instead of the traditional pan. “I didn’t know you could do that” said Renny. “They were the best scrambled eggs I had ever had.”
Junior Trevor Baty had been served by Renny on numerous occasions. He would usually order baked goods and a hot chocolate. “Their baked goods are very good,” Trevor said. “I love their rice crispies.”

Trevor has been served by Renny many times. One of the times he went with his youth group of about fifteen people. “Even though it was very busy Renny served everyone very quickly and nicely,” said Trevor. “She always has a smile and an upbeat personality.”

When asked if Renny remembered that group she said, “Yes, I recalled them because I was surprised that such a large group came in all at once, it wasn’t common or expected.” She went on to say that she also remembered the group tipped very well and was grateful for that.

“I never regretted my choice of working at Fuel, it has helped with people skills because it forces me to talk to people,” Said Renny. “And I also get free coffee so it’s a win win!”
If you ever want to visit Renny in her place of work; Fuel is located on 103 1st St E, Hours are weekdays 7-5 Sundays 8-4, closed on Mondays.

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