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By Hannah Whitley

Isaac WIlliams

Isaac WIlliams

Isaac Williams has been working on all kinds of vehicles since he was thirteen years old. His first project was a ford expedition. Isaac and his step father put on a whole new body and new motor into the vehicle. It was that project that spiked Isaac’s interest in vehicles. Now, three years later, Isaac said, “I can go from changing oil to installing motors.” Isaac is always learning how to do new things to his vehicles to try and enhance the speed of them. Although Isaac can do many tasks on his multiple vehicles, he spends most his time building, “all kinds of racing equipment.” He spends most of his free time in his garage working on multiple projects at once.

In order to transform his everyday vehicles into performance vehicles he needs to use unique parts and tools. One part that Isaac uses on almost every project to enhance the vehicles speed is performance pistons. These performance pistons are used to get the most possible power out of a motor. Isaac buys his parts online and also at car parts stores. Isaac said, “O’Reilly’s Auto Parts is my number one choice.” Isaac especially enjoys working on his truck because he drives it everywhere.

The only thing Isaac says he has not done to a vehicle is paint it, but he would like to. He says someday he will paint one of his vehicles. You name it and Isaac could enhance the performance of just about anything. One of Isaac’s most challenging projects is the expedition he is working on. He is putting a V8 5.4 motor into it. He plans to use this vehicle for everyday transportation once he finishes it. A lot of Issac’s family members love working on vehicles just as much as he does. He listed off many members of his family that frequently get together and share helpful tips and information about their recent projects.

Isaac’s mechanical talents do not stop at just trucks and SUV’s. He also works on ATV’s, snowmobiles, and lawn mowers. Isaac explained that his snowmobile may not look the best but, “it is probably one of the fastest around.”  Issac bought his snowmobile for four hundred dollars and has put about twelve hundred dollar into it. Isaac said that his snowmobile is his favorite project he has completed because it will be his forever. He said he will never sell his snowmobile. Issac will do just about anything to get his vehicles to perform up to the highest speed possible. To get his vehicles to the top speed possible Isaac takes apart their motors and rebuilds them with performance equipment. Isaac said he learns a lot about motors by constantly taking apart and putting them back together.

He doesn’t necessarily care about the looks of them. Isaac is always on the lookout for projects that he can pick up. He found a lawn mower online and decided to purchase it for another project to keep him busy. He now has that lawn mower going up to 70 miles per hour. “I reversed the pulleys,” said Isaac, “I moved the bigger pulley to the front of the lawn mower and smaller pulley to the back of the mower.” By doing this Isaac made the lawn mowers’ motor spin faster.

Isaac knows that his hobby definitely is not a cheap one. He said he spends on average five hundred to one thousand dollars on each vehicles improved performance. Isaac seems to love what he does to all of his vehicle. Isaac plans on going to the military, but when he comes back he plans on going to mechanic school. Isaac can definitely see himself being a mechanic for the rest of his life.



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