Spotlight on Levi Williams

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Levi Williams

Levi Williams

By Gabrielle Hasley

For some people it was just an ordinary week in November, but not for junior Levi Williams. On the first of November he flew out to South Carolina with his mom, aunt, sister, Makenna Williams (14), and three cousins, Lexy (16) Tyler (13) and Caden (10). This was his first time on an airplane. “The plane ride was fun, although it was really bumpy,” Levi said.

They stayed in a rented house near a golf course, about a mile away from Myrtle Beach. Out of the many activities they did, Levi’s favorite was ziplining. “I really loved the sight beneath me. You went over trees and bodies of water before you reached the end,” he said.

During their week long stay, they did many activities including going to an amusement park. “My favorite activity to do there was the mid air obstacle course,” Levi said. “We were harnessed in and when we reached about 50 ft. off the ground the obstacle course started to appear. So, basically you were doing activities that are in an amusement park in the air.”

Another activity that Levi and his family did included swimming and fishing at Myrtle Beach. “Instead of catching fish at the beach, we caught three pelicans. The pelicans kept trying to grab onto our line and they wouldn’t leave us alone,”Tyler said laughing. They didn’t catch any fish that day, except for one illegal fish that they had to throw back.

Being in South Carolina was a new experience for Levi so he decided to try a new food as well. “We went to a Seafood Buffet on the beach, where I decided to try clams and oysters. They didn’t have much flavor, but they were pretty good,” he said.

“The best part about the vacation was getting to see my cousins that we hardly ever get to hang out with. Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely go back for another vacation,” said Levi’s sister, Makenna Williams. “My least favorite part was the plane ride! It was so bumpy that my cousin threw up after we landed.”

Outside of school and other fun activities that Levi does, he also works at Menards. Levi hopes to earn enough money to take a gap year and travel to Ireland before going to college. “Although it was so much fun and I would love to go back, my dream vacation would be to go to Ireland because of the beautiful scenery,” Levi said.



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