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Spotlight — By on February 7, 2012 12:13 pm

By Samantha Smith-
Senior Skyler Hosier has turned on the engine and is ready to go as he races down tracks all across the Midwest. He likes this part of the country because of the weather. “They get snow. That’s kind of important,” said Skyler, 18, who has been riding snowmobiles for the past 13 years of his life.

Growing up in Iowa has had a large impact in Skyler’s snowmobiling career. It has enabled him to snowmobile about four months out of the year, and has allowed him access to areas where snow is abundant. “I love living here. The cold air on my face as I go over the jumps on the tracks is what I live for,” said Skyler. Living in the middle of the country has allowed Skyler to travel all over the country with his family, yet his favorite place to snowmobile is close to home.

Northern Wisconsin is Skyler’s choice “because of the sights I get to see, and the people that I meet.” He continued to say, “The competitors are extremely laid back and willing to help you however they can off the track, but once they are on the track, they will do whatever they have to do in order to win.” Skyler’s competitors are not the only ones whose goals are to win. Skyler has admitted to doing whatever it takes to win a race.

“Skyler always gives the guys a run for their money,” says girlfriend Kaleigh. “He is very aggressive.” Skyler may be very aggressive, but his overall goal is to get better each race, and make sure he is better than where he was when he finished the last race.

Skyler has proven his commitment as a snowmobiler. He works hard, sets goals, and goes after what he wants. Doing all these things, however, has not affected the relationship with his family in a negative way; it has only made the bond stronger.

Skyler’s family and friends make a huge impact on Skyler, on, and off the track. They support him through every race and every trial. Even though they all support him, Skyler’s father, Bob Hosier, has been the most influential when it comes to snowmobiling. Being a snowmobiler himself, Mr. Hosier has been able to teach Skyler everything he knows about snowmobiling to make his son the best that he can be.

One promise the father and son duo have made to each other is that, “Whatever happens on a snowmobile trip, never returns home.” Not only has Skyler received his father’s advice, but he has also received his competitive nature. “I have always accepted a challenge,” said Bob. “I am not a believer in backing down from a challenge.” Just like his father, Skyler is known on the tracks as a person with a very competitive spirit.

Skyler Hosier,18, of Mount Vernon, poses with his prized snowmobile, the new 440 race sled. (MaizeKustoms)

Snowmobiling has not only affected the people around Skyler, but it has also shaped the person Skyler is today. It has shown him that, “You actually have to work hard to see the outcome in life, and not everyone will succeed, so it drives you to work harder to get what you want.” Not only does Skyler want to continue snowmobiling as long as his physical health allows him to, but he also takes a lot of pride in hunting, wildlife, and vehicles. So much even, that he would like to pursue a career in DNR Conservation, or Wildlife Conservation.

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