Seniors win the Shaving Cream Classic

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By Tyler Kranig
The Shaving Cream Classic men’s volleyball tournament is played every year as a fund-raiser for yearbook. Last year the staff took the title, but this year, it was the seniors who went undefeated. One difference in the round-robin tournament this year was that the Staff team played every other team. In the past, they only challenged the leading team for the title in the final game. After the seniors beat the Juniors and won the title, Jacob Timm ran over to get the trophy, but then the staff played the team to see if the staff could hold up their win from last year.
The game was close: the first 10 points were split between the Staff and the Seniors. That’s when the seniors began to pull away, eventually winning the game.
During the game There were many remarks from team to team such as Mr. Wallace saying, “You’re going down,” or, “It’s all over.” It shows the rivalries that are a part of the Classic each year.
The Seniors first played the Sophomores, after winning 25-7 they played the Freshmen, and won 25-3. These first two huge wins propelled them into the championship game, Senior vs. Juniors. After the Juniors were up by 1, 19-18, the Seniors came back to win, 25-23. The Staff team had already lost one to the Juniors 11-25, so no matter what happened in the last game, the Senior team would take the trophy. Even if the Seniors lost to the Staff, the point spreads were so much larger for the Seniors, that they were the undisputed champions.
The Most Valuable Players for each team were Grayson Snider, Freshman; Jared Clark, Sophomore; Lucas Hanson, Junior; Jordan Roe, Senior. Finally the staff MVP was Mr. Scearce. The MVPs were decided by the coaches of each team.

Video from the event:

Junior Vs. Seniors:

Sophomores vs. Juniors”

Sophomores vs. Staff:

Freshmen vs. Staff:

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